13.09.18 Going East
Sudden Infant Live
06.07.18 Sudden Infant Buddhist Nihilism part 1

Sudden Infant Live

More weirdness, more silliness, more groove, more wicked bass lines, more fun: the new album "Buddhist Nihilism" will be released August 26 on Harbinger Sound.
11.02.17 Bass Convention 19.-26.03.2017

Kontrabasskaleidoskop MIchaelstein 2017

Once again I feel honored and I'm very happy to be invited to take part in the Kontrabass-Kaleidoskop Michaelstein. I highly recommend to participate or just come by if you're even only peripherally interested in double bass. You won't regret it, take my word. There will be a bunch of fantastic bass players and musicians I'm looking forward to hear and see!
20.01.17 Out Now

Sensations Of Tone

Sensations Of Tone

Intakt 276

Ellery Eskelin tenor saxophone
Christian Weber bass
Michael Griener drums

Recorded February 15, 2016, by Jon Rosenberg
at Systems Two Studios, Brooklyn, NY.
Mixed and mastered by Willy Strehler and Christian Weber
at Studio Klangdach, Guntershausen.
Cover art: Herbert Alexander Basilewski. Graphic design: Jonas Schoder.
Photo: Marcel Meier. Liner notes: Ellery Eskelin.
02.12.16 Out Now

Berlin Tapes

Joke Lanz & Christian Weber
Berlin Tapes

Blossoming Noise BN065LP
LP (clear vinyl)

Joke Lanz turntables
Christian Weber bass

Recorded live November 9, 2012
Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin
by Rashad Becker
Mixed by Will-y Strehler
10.10.16 Reiner Weber

Reiner Weber
24.08.16 Tomorrow Trio

Tomorrow Trio
17.08.16 Sudden Infant Europe Tour 2016

Sudden Infant
10.08.16 Out Now

Wick Love

Jacob Wick
Twice Love


SIDE A recorded January 2016 at the wulf., Los Angeles, CA (Wick – trumpet | Christian Weber – contrabass)

SIDE B recorded January 2016 at Bread & Salt, San Diego, CA (Wick – trumpet | Casey Anderson – soprano saxophone, electronics)

Mastered by Alan Jones
25.06.16 Out Now


The International Nothing (... and something)
The Power Of Negative Thinking

Monotype mono086/monoLP009

Kai Fagaschinski clarinet
Michael Thieke clarinet
Christian Weber doublebass
Eric Schaefer drums & percussion

All compositions by Kai Fagaschinski, Eric Schaefer, Michael Thiek and Christian Weber, 2006 - 2011.
Recorded by Michael at ausland, Berlin, December 15th, 2011. Edited by Kai and Michael. Mixed by Christian.
Mastered by Werner Dafeldecker in Berlin, September 2015.
Cover design by tanabemse.
27.05.16 Chamber Opera

Roue, à rebours

Roue, à rebours

Dieter Ulrich libretto
Daniel Mouthon komposition
Stefan Nolte regie

Theres Indermaur bühne, kostüm
Barbara Rölli assistenz regie, ausstattung
Franziska Grob produktionsleitung
Matias Ameriso licht

Dorothea Schürch alt
Chasper-Curò Man bariton

Niki Good, Renate Hug, Danny Seng Kit tanz
Christian Dieterle, Jonas Rüegg schauspiel
Flo Stoffner e-gitarre/schauspiel

Ensemble für Neue Musik Zürich

Hans-Peter Frehner flöten
Manfred Spitaler klarinetten
Gabriela Friedli piano
Viktor Müller e-piano
Lorenz Haas perkussion
Dieter Ulrich schlagzeug
Claudia Troxler violine
Christian Weber kontrabass
01.05.16 Out Now


15 Years of Kontrabassduo Studer-Frey
Zurich Concerts

Leo Records LR 750/751

Peter K Frey bass
Daniel Studer bass


John Butcher saxophone
Jacques Demierre piano
Gerry Hemingway drums
Harald Kimmig violin
Hans Koch bassclarinet
Magda Mayas piano
Giancarlo Schiaffini trombome
Jan Schlegel bass
Michel Seigner guitar
Christian Weber bass
Alfred Zimmerlin violoncello

recorded live at Walcheturm, Zurich, 2013-2014
recording/mastering: Ron Kurz
25.03.16 For Even More Dancin'


Dialogue de l’ombre double /Tanztheater Karine Jost

Künstlerische Leitung & Chorographie: Karine Jost

Tänzer: Ariel Cohen, Jared Marks, Armando Disanto

Christian Weber bass
Andre Rossier saxophone, electronics
Pije electrified piano

Lichtdesign: Pablo Weber
26.02.16 Out Now


Michael Wollny Trio

ACT 6019-2

Michael Wollny piano
Christian Weber bass
Eric Schaefer drums

CD: the final concert of the Karsten Jahnke Jazznights tour at Laeiszhalle Hamburg, 13.11.2015 - Sound engineer: Jan Ugand
Recorded by Alex Bruch and Moncef Dellandrea (Profi Musik Lüneburg)
Edited, mixed and mastered by Klaus Scheuermann

DVD: filmed and recorded live at Forum Leverkusen, 11.11.2014
35. Leverkusener Jazztage
Director: Elmar Herkrath-Rundholz
Sound Engineers: Thomas Sehringer and Achim Kolz
09.10.15 Out Now


Michael Wollny Trio

ACT 9592-2/LP 9592-1

Michael Wollny piano
Christian Weber bass
Eric Schaefer drums

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Adrian von Ripka at Bauer Studios, Ludwigsburg, Germany
08.08.15 Out Now

Peeled Eye

The Peeled Eye

Shameless SHLP01
LP (yellow vinyl)

Boris Hauf baritone saxophone, piano
Martin Siewert guitar
Christian Weber bass
Steve Heather drums

all music by Hauf / Heather / Siewert / Weber
recorded and mastered by Martin Siewert
mixed by Martin Siewert and Christian Weber
artwork and design by Julian Gosper
12.06.15 Out Now

WWW Thieves

Thieves Left That Behind

veto-records/exchange 012

Michel Wintsch synthesizers & electric piano
Christian Weber bass
Christian Wolfarth drums

Recorded February 21/22 2015 at Xylème Studio, Geneva, Switzerland
Recorded, Mixed & Produced by WintschWeberWolfarth
04.06.15 Jazz geht Baden Festival 2015

Solo concert at Jazz geht Baden Festival 2015, March 13 2015.
Filmed and edited by Michelle Ettlin.
06.04.15 Allemano-Weber-Reisinger

AWR Troxler

Lina Allemano trumpet
Christian Weber bass
Wolfgang Reisinger drums 16. April - Mullbau, Luzern
17. April - Werkstatt für Improvisierte Musik, Zürich
18. April - Stadtmühle, Willisau Poster by Niklaus Troxler.
05.03.15 Bass Convention 22.-29.03.2015

Kontrabasskaleidoskop MIchaelstein 2015

Once again I feel honored and I'm very happy to be invited to take part in the Kontrabass-Kaleidoskop Michaelstein. I highly recommend to participate or just come by if you're even only peripherally interested in double bass. You won't regret it, take my word. There will be a bunch of fantastic bass players and musicians I'm looking forward to hear and see!
05.12.14 Soundtrack

Der Meister und Max

Der Meister und Max
by Marcel Derek Ramsay (2015)

Written by: Michèle Wannaz, Marcel Derek Ramsay

Max Rüdlinger
Christine Lauterburg
Polo Hofer
Clemens Klopfenstein

Production: Cinéma Copain Ltd liab Co
Producer: Marcel Derek Ramsay

Music: Christian Weber

Premiere at Solothurner Filmtage, January 25 2015.
01.10.14 Exciting News

I was granted a six-month artist residency in New York by the City of Zurich, so I will be residing in Manhattan from September 1st 2015 until February 29th 2016!
Thank you Präsidialdepartement der Stadt Zürich/Popkredit!
21.09.14 Sudden Infant Europe Tour 2014

Sudden Infant - Wölfli's Nightmare
16.05.14 Out Now


Pale Fire

WhyPlayJazz RS014

Philip Zoubek piano
Benjamin Weidekamp clarinet
Christian Weber bass

All compositions by Philip Zoubek. Recorded on 3rd & 4th of February 2013 by Stefan Deistler at the Loft, Cologne, Germany.
12.05.14 Out Now

Sudden Infant - Wölfli's Nightmare

Sudden Infant
Wölfli's Nightmare

Voodoo Rhythm Records VR1282 / VRCD82

Joke Lanz vocals, electronics
Christian Weber bass
Alexandre Babel drums

12.05.14 Allemano-Kaufmann-Weber

Live at Jazzatelier Ulrichsberg (A).
09.05.14 Out Now

Der Grosse Bär

Der grosse Bär
Das Zirkumpolare Jazzorchester

Unit 4530

Achim Escher saxophone
Donat Fisch saxophone
Peter Landis saxophone
Fabienne Hörni saxophone
Adrien Guerne saxophone
Nils Fischer saxophone
Peter Schärli trumpet
Hilaria Kramer trumpet
Patrick Ottige trumpet
Manuel Mengis trumpet
Silvio Cadotsch trombone
Alisa Klein trombone
Valerio Lepori trombone
Marc Unternährer tuba
Harald Haerter guitar
Aitor Studer guitar
Roberto Domeniconi piano
Florian Götte bass
Christian Weber bass
Fredy Studer drums
Luca Ramella drums
Julian Sartorius drums
Thomas Winkler efx
25.02.14 Joke Lanz & Christian Weber

Live at Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin.
20.01.14 Out Now

Bunter Hund

Christy Doran's Bunter Hund
Walkin' The Dog

Unit 4448

Christy Doran electric guitar
Patricia Draeger accordion
Christian Weber bass
Lionel Friedli drums
10.10.13 Out Now

WWW Willisau


hatOLOGY 725

Michel Wintsch piano & synthesizer
Christian Weber bass
Christian Wolfarth drums

Recorded live at Jazz Festival Willisau, August 25, 2012
by Martin Pearson
02.10.13 Out Now


Michael Thieke Unununium

Mikroton 31

Michael Thieke clarinet, zither, field recordings
Luca Venitucci accordion, amplified objects
Martin Siewert guitar, lap steel, electronics
Derek Shirley bass
Christian Weber bass
Steve Heather drums, percussion
Eric Schaefer drums, percussion

All music composed by Michael Thieke (GEMA), except track 6 by Mayo Thompson, and track 4,8,9 by Michael Thieke, Luca Venitucci, Martin Siewert, Derek Shirley, Christian Weber, Steve Heather, Eric Schaefer
Produced by Reinhard Kager, SWR2 Redaktion Neue Musik/Jazz
Recorded June 2009, at SWR studios in Baden Baden by Alfred Habelitz
Mixed by Martin Siewert and Michael Thieke
Mastered by Martin Siewert at Motone Sound Services, Vienna
27.09.13 Out Now


In Between
AltrOck 037

Markus Stauss tenor & soprano saxophones, composition
Ritsche Koch trumpet
Francesco Zago electric guitar, loops
Christian Weber bass
Rémy Sträuli drums

Recorded by Benno Hofer TON-ART Basel, Switzerland, Feb. 13 & 14 2013
03.09.13 Chamber Music


ensemble für neue musik zürich

Hans-Peter Frehner flöte
Manfred Spitaler klarinette
Lorenz Haas schlagzeug
Viktor Müller fender rhodes
Urs Bumbacher violine
Nicola Romanò violoncello

Sonoe Kato gesang
Chris Wiesendanger klavier
Christian Weber kontrabass

Uraufführung grosse Fassung

26.09.13 - Zürich, Kunsthalle
28.09.13 - Uster, PAM
11.11.13 - Winterthur, Theater am Gleis
18.06.13 Out Now


Ewald Hügle Quartet

Unit 4444

Ewald Hügle saxes
Michael Jefry Stevens piano
Christian Weber bass
Dieter Ulrich brums, bugle
05.03.13 Bass Convention 17.-24.03.2012

Kontrabasskaleidoskop MIchaelstein 2013

Since the Kontrabass-Kaleidoskop Michaelstein 2012 was a light bulb moment for me, I can't wait for the 2013 edition. I highly recommend to participate or just come by if you're even only peripherally interested in double bass. You won't regret it, take my word. There will be a bunch of fantastic bass players and musicians I'm looking forward to hear and see!
18.02.13 For Some More Dancin'



Karine Jost Künstlerische Leitung & Choreographie

Joshua Monten Tanz
Agata Lawniczak Tanz
Dominique Cardito Tanz
Jonas Furrer Tanz
Ariel Cohen Tanz

Franz Brühlhart Bühnenmalerei & Bühnenbild

Pablo Weber Lichtdesign & Beleuchtung

GUSTAV Musik & Komposition
Julian Sartorius Schlagzeug und Percussion
Christian Weber Kontrabass
Benno Zitz Sounddesign
Marc Zendrini Sounddesign

Im Rahmen von «RésiDanse fribourgoise».
10.01.13 Out Now

All Decks

Lake-Weber-Ulrich feat. Nils Wogram
All Decks

Intakt 222

Oliver Lake saxophone
Christian Weber double bass
Dieter Ulrich drums
Nils Wogram trombone

Recorded live at unerhört!-Festival Zürich, November 25, 2011
Cover art by Niklaus Troxler
10.12.12 Out Now

All Decks

Maya Turbo

«Stacheldraht mit Samtbezug». Mit diesen Worten kommentierte das Intro-Magazin Maya Turbos Musik und ehrte sie mit einem Platz auf seiner Newcomerliste fürs 2011. Turbos minimalistisch inszenierte Popsongs gab es denn mitunter schon im Vorprogramm von The Album Leaf (USA), Wild Beasts (UK), Get Well Soon (DE) und Masha Qrella (DE) zu hören. Mit ihrer «Maya Turbo» EP legt die Wahlbaslerin nun ein facettenreiches Debut vor.

Für diese Studioproduktion spannte Turbo mit einer Reihe erfahrener Musiker zusammen: Jeannot Steck (Produktion, Piano, Rhodes), Micha Lewinsky (Git), Roland Strobel (Bass, Akkordeon), Ralph Nicotera (Drums), Simon Vögeli (Git), abgerundet durch die wunderbaren Klänge aus Christian Webers Kontrabass. Damit dürfen sich die sieben Songs auch mal in voller Bandbesetzung entfalten, ohne dass dabei der Sinn fürs Wesentliche abhanden kommt. Der roten Faden ist sowieso stehts Turbos warme Stimme, die samtweich Ecken und Kanten umgarnt.

20.08.12 Out Now

The Holistic Worlds Of...

The Holistic Worlds Of...

Monotype monoLP10

Michel Wintsch piano & synthesizer
Christian Weber bass
Christian Wolfarth drums
06.04.12 Out Now

Six Feet Under

Nate Wooley - Christian Weber - Paul Lytton
Six Feet Under

NoBusiness Records NBLP46

Nate Wooley trumpet
Christian Weber bass
Paul Lytton drums
14.02.12 Out Now

Tetras LP


Double LP / Digital Album

Jason Kahn drums
Jeroen Visser organ
Christian Weber bass
10.01.12 Bass Convention 11.-18.03.2012

Kontrabasskaleidoskop MIchaelstein

I'm very happy and I feel honored that I'm invited to contribute to the Kontrabass-Kaleidoskop Michaelstein. There will be a bunch of fantastic bass players and musicians I can't wait to hear and see!
28.11.11 Joke Lanz & Christian Weber

Live at Friedenskirche Charlottenburg.
20.11.11 Out Now

In Circles

Co Streiff-Russ Johnson Quartet
In Circles

Intakt 195

Co Streiff saxophones
Russ Johnson trumpet
Christian Weber bass
Julian Sartorius drums

Recorded live in Biasca, Casa Cavalier Pellanda, June 4, 2011.
01.10.11 Tetras Grooves

etras Grooves
02.05.11 Out Now


Christoph Irniger - Pilgrim
Mt. Tongariro

Between The Lines
BTLCHR 71228

Christoph Irniger saxohone
Vera Kappeler piano
Christian Weber bass
Michael Stulz drums
10.09.11 Eskelin-Weber-Griener II

Live at Jazzfestival Willisau.
27.08.11 Write-up

Tagesanzeiger   Christoph Merki
30.05.11 Out Now

Sound Of Insects

Norbert Möslang
The Sound Of Insects

bots 01 (3 LPs)

Soundtrack for the film "The Sound Of Insects" by Peter Liechti.
F eaturing the Signal Quintet and others.
Get it here.
30.05.11 Out Now


Lingua Mortuorum

Z hdk Records 25/11

Vera Kappeler piano, harmonium
Raphael Camenisch saxophones
Sebastian Pottmeier saxophones
Christian Weber contrabass
John Eckhardt contrabass
Lucas Niggli drums
Felix Profos composition, keyboards
02.05.11 Out Now



Unit Records UTR 4286

Vincent Membrez piano
Christian Weber contrabass
Lionel Friedli drums
Joke Lanz turntables
Pedro Lenz spoken words

Don't miss the trailer!
26.02.11 Eskelin-Weber-Griener

Live at Schaerholzbau, Altbüron. Part 1.
10.02.11 Neil And Jack And Me

Neil And Jack And Me

Part two of my residency at jazzclub moods in Zürich. Adi and Me.
06.02.11 The Eagle Has Landed

The Eagle Has Landed

Part one of my residency at jazzclub moods in Zürich. What a band!
05.02.11 Recent Articles & Reviews

NZZ   Ueli Bernays
Neue Zürcher Zeitung
ALL About Jazz NY   Andrey Henkin
All About Jazz NY
No. 106 - 02/11
JazzNMore   Christof Thurnherr
1 - 2011
07.12.10 Out Now


For A Little Dancin'

Intakt 172

Oliver Lake saxophone
Christian Weber double bass
Dieter Ulrich drums

A brief release tour will take place in March 2011. See concerts.
23.11.10 Artist in Residence


I'm invited to curate three nights at jazzclub moods in Zürich next february. Aside of premiering new challenging collaborations, I have the pleasure to host a bunch of thrilling projects.


The Eagle Has Landed

Michael Thieke clarinet, saxophone
Susanna Gartmayer bassclarinet
Sha bassclarinet, saxophone
Markus Stauss saxophones
Richard Koch trumpet
Robert Morgenthaler trombone
Brigitte Halter french horn, alphorn
Joke Lanz turntables
Christian Weber bass
Julian Sartorius percussion


MO3TA rap
Shadil vocals
DJ A-Boom


Matthew Welch Solo

Matthew Welch bagpipes

Neil And Jack And Me

Adi Weyermann vocal, guitar
Ben Jeger farfisa, accordion, piano
Christian Weber bass, vocal
Julian Sartorius drums



Ellery Eskelin saxophone
Christian Weber bass
Michael Griener drums

Kiku 6

Yannick Barman trumpet
Matthieu Michel trumpet
David Doyon guitar
Vincent Membrez moog
Dominik Burkhalter drums
Cyril Regamey drums
18.11.10 Out Now

Sin Asunto

Jason Kahn
Sin Asunto


Jason Kahn amplified percussion
Vincent Millioud violin
Bo Wiget cello
Christian Weber contrabass

Recorded live in Zürich, 2008

Cover design Jason Kahn
29.09.10 Not yet a superhero


... but appearing in a comic for the first time

After my last gig at Miss Hecker in Berlin, curator Yoichi drew my attention to a small comic book by Maki Shimizu. Adagio 006 includes a sketch she made during a perfomance at Miss Hecker in 2007.
Compare it to the photograph that was taken about half a year later during a concert in Zürich!
08.03.10 Einfache, schöne, neue Musik

Force Majeure


Vera Kappeler piano, harmonium
Raphael Camenisch saxophones
Sebastian Pottmeier saxophones
Christian Weber contrabass
John Eckhardt contrabass
Lucas Niggli drums
Felix Profos composition, keyboards

Die Musik für FORCEMAJEURE ist äusserlich fast konventionell und eingängig - zugleich aber ebenso kompromisslos wie Profos' frühere Kompositionen etwa für Steamboat Switzerland oder das Ensemble MAE.
Übersichtlich und klar (oft nur Melodie und Begleitung), tonal, meist ruhig und sogar schön; jedes äusserliche Extrem, jede äusserliche Originalität wird vermieden.
Das ist weit weit weg von "Neuer Musik" - und ebenso weit von "Jazz". Wenn etwas nahe ist, dann scheinbar: Satie, Schubert, Pop oder Filmmusik, Schostakowitsch, "erfundene Volksmusik", so von fern herangeweht.
Die Kompositionen sind mit grossem Ernst geschrieben - in "gutem altem Handwerk". Um so mehr scheint das Defekte durch, das Linkische und Verlorene.

Premiere: 10.3. - 14.3.2010 (see concerts)
06.03.10 A Film by Peter Liechti

The Sound of Insects

THE SOUND OF INSECTS – Record of a Mummy
A Film by Peter Liechti

Peter Liechti received the European Documentary Film Award, Prix ARTE 2009 for The Sound of Insects. Norbert Möslang, who made the soundtrack (containing excerpts of Signal Quintet live recordings), now won the Swiss Film Music Award 2010.
28.02.10 Out Now

Jazzwerkstatt Bern 2009

Jazzwerkstatt Bern
Festival Sampler 2009

Among some funny and interesting contributions I'm on two selections. One with Marc Stucki (sax) and Norberte Pfammatter (dr) and another with Nicolas Masson's Parallels.
25.02.10 Out Now


Matin Baumgartner's SPIELHUUS

Veto Records 007

more information
20.02.10 Out Now

Sudden Infant

Sudden Infant
My Life's A Gunshot (1989-2009) - Vol. I & II

Hrönir hr8909 2x2LP

20 Year retrospective of Joke Lanz's Sudden Infant project, released on 4 LP's housed in 2 fullcolour gatefold-covers, featuring paintings by Joke Lanz, and an essay about S.I. by G.X. Jupitter-Larsen. Limited Edition of 500 copies. Mastered & cut by Rashad Becker at D+M, designed by Bill Kouligas.

These two double LP's combine 49 rare and unreleased tracks as well as some of Sudden Infant's most essential and radical work from the last twenty years. Beautifully housed in two fold-out double LP's with original cover paintings by Joke Lanz and an exclusive 4-page essay by GX Jupitter-Larsen.

I'm very proud and happy to appear on a few selections on volume II. Joke's impact as a musician and friend was and still is precious to me.
18.12.09 Out Now

Peer Seemann

Peer Seemann

20.11.09 Reiner-Weber Live Video

Christian Reiner voice
Christian Weber double bass

Recorded live @ Garnisongasse Vienna, July 27 2009

Special thanks to Jörg (video) and Peter (sound).
01.11.09 Out Now



Veto Records 006

Christoph Erb tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Achim Escher alto saxophone
Vincent Membrez pro-one
Yves Reichmuth electric guitar
Christian Weber double bass, electric bass
Julian Sartorius drums

Recorded live @ Meridiani Lucerne, October 21/22 2008
20.10.09 Somethin' Else

Fini Foto

Fini Foto
Theatre Performance

Dschungel, Vienna (A)

Claudia Mayer, Christian Reiner & Christian Weber
10.03.09 Out Now

Dropp Ensemble

Dropp Ensemble

either/OAR either/2

Salvatore Dellaria
Adam Sonderberg
Olivia Block trumpet
Steven Hess percussion
Jason Kahn analogue synth
Ilja Komarov electric bass
Tomas Korber treatment
Brian Labycz computer
Eric Lanzillotta moog
Joseph Mills electronics and devices
Jon Mueller percussion and cassettes
Jason Soliday open circuits
Jason Stein bass clarinet
Brendan Walls electronics
Christian Weber contrabass

In 2003 Dellaria/Sonderberg founded, and co-direct Dropp Ensemble (pronounced "drope" - Swedish for 'drip feed') which consists of an international grouping of musicians and technicians that work together in person or through the mail. The materials are pooled, and undergo extensive production and editing by the duo.
19.01.09 Out Now


Roberto Domeniconi >>Vierklang

Unit Records UTR 4210

Roberto Domeniconi piano
Peter Schärli trumpet
Christian Weber double bass
Norbert Pfammatter drums

Recorded live August 20, 2006 at Dampfzentrale Bern by Peter Pfister
12.01.09 Out Now

Dead Peni

Dead Peni

Blossoming Noise BN040CD

This is the first full length release from Dead Peni. Electric bass, a drum-machine, voice and backing tapes, as well as live drum contributions from Christian Weber. Includes full length record with bonus track in the form of a music video. Heavy sounds from the underground. Edition of 300.
14.11.08 US-Tour 2008

07.11.08 w/ Adam Sonderberg & Olivia Block at Enemy, Chicago

02.11.08 w/ Jon Mueller at Woodland Pattern, Milwaukee
18.08.08 Out Now


Walter & Sabrina/
Dietrich Eichmann Ensemble

Danny Dark Records DD1148 [2 CD set]

Composed and performed by

Stephen Moore voice & lyricist
Walter Cardew guitar & voice
Celia Lu soprano voice & harmonium
Dietrich Eichmann piano & harpsichord
Gunnar Brandt-Sigurdsson voice & electronics
Michael Griener percussion
Alexander Frangenheim double bass
Christian Weber double bass

Recorded May 13-15, 2008 at Vivaldi Saal, Berlin.
05.08.08 Out Now

Timelines NY

Jason Kahn
Timelines NY

Conv 050

Jason Kahn composition, live mix
Tomas Korber guitar, electronics
Norbert Möslang cracked everyday electronics
Günter Müller ipod's, electronics
Christian Weber contrabass
Tim Barnes percussion

Recorded May 15, 2007 at Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, New York.
Duration: 120 minutes

Available for download here.
23.05.08 Out Now

Walcheturm Solo

Christian Weber
Walcheturm Solo

Cut 025

Christian Weber contrabass

Recorded in the resonant halls of the Zürich art space Walcheturm, Weber takes advantage of the rich room acoustics, drawing on his sense of place to create a work not only focused on sound but imbued with a narrative drive which will leave the listener enthralled from beginning to end.

15.05.08 Out Now

Psychotic Einzelkind

Sudden Infant
Psychotic Einzelkind

Blossoming Noise BN036CD

Joke Lanz vocals, electronics
Bill Kouligas electronics, percussion
Christian Weber electric bass

Psychotic Einzelkind is an exploding kaleidoscope, an acoustical Rorschach inkblot test, of psychotic sounds and noises. Sudden Infant as a trio delivers a strong and extensive album without any boundaries and limits.
Features three remixes by Z'EV, Lasse Marhaug, & Thurston Moore.

Recorded 2007 at Rashad Becker's studio in Berlin Kreuzberg.
Cover design by Allon Kaye.
01.03.08 Out Now

London meets Altbüron

London Meets Altbüron

DUNS Limited Edition DLE 060 [3 CD set]

Simon Picard soprano & tenor saxophones
Paul Dunmall soprano & tenor saxophones
Paul Rogers bass
Christian Weber bass
Tony Levin drums

Recorded live at Altbüron Bau 4, 20/21 April 2007
27.01.08 Chicago - Zürich

A while ago Adam Sonderberg and Salvatore Dellaria invited me to contribute some material for the new Dropp Ensemble record that will be released on and/OAR later this year.
Since I sent way too much material to Chicago, Adam had the idea to use some of it for a track they produced for their ongoing project.

untitled -> ongoing: week 6
composed, performed, assembled, and mixed on 26 january 2008
by salvatore dellaria / adam sonderberg
w/ christian weber, contrabass

additional info + archive
16.11.07 Out Now

Signal to Noise Vol. 4

Signal Quintet & Yamauchi
Signal to Noise Vol. 4

For4Ears 1866

Jason Kahn analog synth, percussion
Tomas Korber guitar, electronics
Norbert Möslang cracked everyday-electronics
Günter Müller ipod, percussion, electronics
Christian Weber bass
Katsura Yamauchi saxophone

The Signal Quintet met saxophonist Kastura Yamauchi for two days of recording and performance at the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media.
These two pieces recorded from the studio sessions shine not only for their precise and unyielding focus but for the sheer joy the players reveal in these tracks, at times approaching the energy of free jazz.
25.08.07 Out Now

Raymond & Marie

Raymond & Marie

formed 07

Tomas Korber guitar, electronics
Christian Weber bass
Christian Wolfarth percussion

Mersault's second album works by undermining expectations, shifting the foreground to the background and back again. A nominally placid passage contains a busy roughness that, without any overt moment of transition, characterizes the moment in question. Similarly, passages of resonant double bass emerge from rough, bracing chunks of sound, dropping after a while into parallel coexistence with electronic drone and muted percussion.
20.08.07 New Website

I'm very happy and proud to present my completely overworked and newly structured website. This was made possible with a lot of support and patience by Adi Aicher. Enjoy!
03.05.07 Out Now

Signal to Noise Vol. 2

Signal to Noise Vol. 2

For4Ears 1864

Tomas Korber guitar, electronics
Christian Weber bass
Katsura Yamauchi saxophone

Second volume of the ‚Signal To Noise‘ series with recordings from the 2006 tour in Japan and Korea.
Here two third of the group Mersault collaborate with saxophonist Katsura Yamauchi, yielding a highly concentrated music of fine particles and wispy noise.

Recorded at Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media.