Walcheturm Solo Christian Weber
Walcheturm Solo

Cut 2008
«Easily one of the more unique and inspiring albums this year.»
Tobias Fischer, Tokafi
3 Suits & A Violin Christian Weber
3 Suits & A Violin

hatOLOGY 2006
«One of the best releases of 2006, very highly recommended.» Massimo Ricci, Paris Transatlantic read more...
Osaka Solo Christian Weber
Osaka Solo

Self Release 2006
«It's about playing rather than fixing.»
Noël Akchoté, Skug
Sudden Infant   Sudden Infant
Lunatic Asylum

Fourth Dimension Records 2022
«A raging manifesto against harmlessness!»
Xymna Engel, Der Bund
Auge   Aki Takase/Christian Weber/Michael Griener

Intakt 2021
«Auge advance the language of piano jazz with a collective approach.» Bill Meyer - Chicago Reader
The Workers   The Workers

Wide Ear Records 2020
«Vier grandiose Musiker die anspruchsvollen Hörgenuss bieten.» Christoph Haunschmid, OÖNachrichten
The Pearls   Eskelin-Weber-Griener
The Pearls

Intakt 2019
«Played with grace, humility and a great deal of skill leading to their success.» Tim Niland, Rootstime
Sensations Of Tone   Joke Lanz/Jason Kahn/Norbert Möslang
Günter Müller/Christian Weber

mikroton 2019
Recorded in Kaliningrad and Moscow at Mikroton Mikroten Festival.
Sensations Of Tone   Sudden Infant
Buddhist Nihilism

Harbinger Sound 2018
«A fucking tight unit operating in the realms of pure magic.»
Richard Johnson, Adverse Effect Magazine
Sensations Of Tone   Eskelin-Weber-Griener
Sensations Of Tone

Intakt 2017
«Your music has a warmth, an effortlessness and a matter of course that goes straight to my heart.» Beat Blaser, Swiss Culture Radio
Berlin Tapes   Joke Lanz & Christian Weber
Berlin Tapes

Blossoming Noise 2016
«Nothing but phenomenal and jolly good fun!»
Graham McKenzie, Artistic Director HCMF
TIN+   The International Nothing (... and something)
The Power Of Negative Thinking

Monotype 2016
«A dark and thought-provoking work.»
Christopher Nosnibor, Aural Aggravation
Peeled Eye   The Peeled Eye

«An embryonic precursor of horn-fronted instrumental noise rock.»
Philip Montoro, Chicago Reader
Thieves Left That Behind   WintschWeberWolfarth
Thieves Left That Behind

veto-records/exchange 2015
«Une belle réussite et un trio essentiel.»
David Cristol, Impro Jazz (F)
Willisau   WintschWeberWolfarth

hatOLOGY 2013
«Excitedly recommended!»
Glenn Astarita, All About Jazz
All Decks   Lake-Weber-Ulrich feat. Nils Wogram
All Decks

Intakt 2013
«Un superbe concert, plein, dense et chargé. (OUI!).»
Jean Buzelin, Culturjazz
The Holistic Worlds Of...   WintschWeberWolfarth
The Holistic Worlds Of...

Monotype 2012
«Inventive and imaginative, not a weak spot.»
Dolf Mulder, Vital Weekly
Wooley-Weber-Lytton   Wooley - Weber - Lytton
Six Feet Under

NoBusiness 2012
«This splattering platter is to die for.»
Lawrence Joseph, Cult
Tetras   Tetras

Flingco 2012
«Thunder and lightning caroming down a long canyon.»
Bill Meyer, tokafi
Lake-Weber-Ulrich   Lake-Weber-Ulrich
For A Little Dancin'

Intakt 2010
«The music is dense, urgent, wide awake.»
Manfred Papst, NZZ
London Meets Altbüron   Picard-Dunmall-Rogers-Weber-Levin
London Meets Altbüron

DUNS Limited Edition 2008
«This is where the cosmic energy truly comes together.»
Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
Signal to Noise Vol. 4   Signal Quintet & Yamauchi
Signal to Noise Vol. 4

For4Ears 2007
«Improvisation master class this one.»
Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly
Raymond & Marie   Mersault
Raymond & Marie

formed 2007
«Unpleasingly beautiful playing for those who don't like security.»
Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes
Signal to Noise Vol. 2   Korber-Weber-Yamauchi
Signal to Noise Vol. 2

For4Ears 2007
Dan Warburton, Paris Transatlantic
Yamaguchi Signal Quintet

Cut 2007
«... there's a hint of beauty in the music.»
Brian Marley, The Wire
The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse   Thieke-Griener-Weber
The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse

Ayler Records 2007
«The recording showcases a trio full of personality.»
Celeste Sunderland, All About Jazz (NY)
Zürcher Aufnahmen   Kahn-Korber-Weber
Zürcher Aufnahmen

Longbox Recordings 2007
«...despite its stoic coldness it offers plenty to the patient.»
Jon Dale, The Wire
WWW Wintsch-Weber-Wolfarth

Leo Records 2006
«Der goldene Zuschnitt dieser Musik ist fast beängstigend.»
Rigobert Dittmann, Bad Alchemy
We Concentrate. Wiesendanger-Weber-Ulrich
We Concentrate.

hatOLOGY 2006
«With their own sense of history, this is marvelous trio music.»
Jason Bivins, Cadence
Mersault s/t Mersault

Quakebasket 2005
«Three pieces that are all highly powerful to say the least.»
Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly
BOX Binder-Weber-Ulrich

Origin 2005
«This is exploration of how music is made on the spot.»
Adam Greenburg, All Music Guide
Law & Disorder WAL
Law & Disorder

Unit Records 2003
«Das ist Musik die alte Geister wach ruft...»
Pirmin Bossart, Neue Luzerner Zeitung
Momentum 3 Brennan-Denzler-Weber-Wolfarth
Momentum 3

Leo Records 2002
«They integrate seamless flow into the grand proceedings.»
Glenn Astarita, All About Jazz
Unsung Songs Peyer-Weber-Stoffner
Unsung Songs

Unit Records 2000
«Sympathetically and intelligently played.»
Eric Lewis, Jazz Now
mnemosonik trio bekic-weber-herrmann

Extraplatte 1999
«Beseelt von wohltuender Eigenwilligkeit und Prägnanz.»
Wollny 3 Oslo Omri Ziegele Tomorrow Trio
All Those Yesterdays

Intakt 2020
«Han on fire. Christian dancin'. Omri preachin'.»
Jean Pignon, Le Bonbeat
Peace Now! Scott Fields Ensemble
Seven Deserts

New World Records 2020
Elliott Sharp
Peace Now! Peter Schärli
Peace Now!

enja 2020

«Musik kann die Welt verändern. Mann muss ihr nur zuhören.»
P. Schärli
Wollny 3 Oslo Michael Wollny Trio

«Brimming with lyrical improvisation.»
Kerilie McDowall, Downbeat
Wollny 3 Wartburg Michael Wollny Trio

ACT 2018
«Aus W & O mach Wow, das Trio fährt wie die Sau!»
Klarus Nüchtern, Falter
Aschböck Broken Lines Stephan Aschböck
Broken Lines

Apolys Music 2017
«Music as self-reflection, at the core of humanistic philosophies.»
Clive Wolff, Open Ears
Wick Love Jacob Wick
Twice Love

«Carrier and container – smoother vessels.»
Bonnie Jones
15 Years Studer/Frey 15 Years of Kontrabassduo Studer-Frey
Zurich Concerts

Leo Records 2016
Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg
Wollny Klangspuren Michael Wollny Trio

ACT 2016
«A quite exceptional album.»
Stuart Nicholson, Jazzwise Magazine
Wollny Nachtfahrten Michael Wollny Trio

ACT 2015
«Ein Geniestreich der Reduktion.»
Dr. Ulrich Steinmetzger, Leipziger Volkszeitung
Z3 Pale Fire Z3
Pale Fire

WhyPlayJazz 2014
«A continuous flow of excellent and fascinating music.»
Adam Baruch
Wölfli's Nightmare Sudden Infant
Wölfli's Nightmare

Voodoo Rhythm Records 2014
«The Cramps meets early Neubauten.»
Reverend Beatman
Der Grosse Bär Der Grosse Bär
Das Zirkumpolare Jazz Orchester

Unit Records 2014
Walkin' The Dog Christy Doran's Bunter Hund
Walkin' The Dog

Unit Records 2014
«A striking tale of genre-busting, free-spirited play.»
Ian Patterson, All About Jazz
Unununium Michael Thieke Unununium

Mikroton 2013
«A thoroughly enjoyable, surprisingly accessible effort.»
Brian Olewnick, Just Outside
Spalktklang Spaltklang
In Between

AltrOck 2013
«Ein Wurf ist diesen hervorragenden Künstlern gelungen.»
André Lemblé
Hop-Frog Ewald Hügle Quartet

Unit Records 2013
In Circles Co Streiff-Russ Johnson Quartet
In Circles

Intakt 2011
«Yielding a vibrant document of contemporary jazzk.»
Troy Collins, Point of departure
Pilgrim Christoph Irniger - Pilgrim
Mt. Tongariro

Between The Lines 2011
«Die individuelle Klasse bleibt indes nicht verborgen.»
Ueli Bernays, Neue Zürcher Zeitung
Sound Of Insects Norbert Möslang
The Sound Of Insects

bots 2011
«Evocative, haunting score work.»
Forcemajeure Felix Profos FORCEMAJEURE
Lingua Mortuorum

Zhdk Records 2011
«Hidden amongst them are some excellent horror stories.»
Thaddeus Gazelloni, Phono Forum
Stefan Heckel Group Lifeline Stefan Heckel Group

Sessionwork Records 2011
«Europäische Wurzeln und orientalische Farben.»
Austria, Press

Unit Records 2011
«Manchmal dominiert, wie hier klar ersichtlich, die Lust.»
tHo, Concerto
Sin Asunto Jason Kahn
Sin Asunto

Creative Sources 2010
«Dissonant luminosity with a measure of angst.»
Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes
Spielhuus Matin Baumgartner's SPIELHUUS

Veto Records 2010
«Anarchisch, lustvoll und froh.»
Christoph Merki, Tages-Anzeiger
Jazzwerkstatt Bern Jazzwerkstatt Bern
Festival Sampler 2009

Werkstatt Records 2010
Sudden Infant Sudden Infant
My Life's A Gunshot

Hrönir 2010
«A unique blend of physical sound poetry and epileptic noise.»
The Wire
Vierklang BigVeto

Veto Records 2009
«Eine Art von Klage gespielt Harmonischen Schilf.»
Vincenzo Roggero, All About Jazz (I) - Google translation
Vierklang Roberto Domeniconi >>Vierklang

Unit Records 2009
«Viel Experiment und doch gut zugänglich.»
Hanspeter Vetsch, Schweizer Illustrierte
Demons Walter & Sabrina/Dietrich Eichmann Ensemble

Danny Dark Records 2008
«Orchestral motifs to propel their horrific tales of sin and revenge.»
Mike Wood, Music Emissions
Jung Ah Fleisch Walter & Sabrina
Jung Ah Fleisch

Danny Dark Records 2008
«Walter & Sabrina albums are never an easy ride.»
Norman Records, online
Timelines NY Jason Kahn
Timelines NY

Conv 2008
«A continuum without beginning or end.»
Toni Maroni, The Magazine
Psychotic Einzelkind Sudden Infant
Psychotic Einzelkind

Blossoming Noise 2008
«A very focussed set of exercises in electronics-driven noise-rock.»
Ed Pinsent, The Sound Inspector
Loops, Holes & Angels Co Streiff Sextet
Loops, Holes & Angels

Intakt Records 2007
«Progressive jazz dipped in a variety of world-music.»
Glenn Astarita, All About Jazz
OUT   Day & Taxi

percaso 2006
«...lighthearted and donative in terms of aural gratification.»
Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes
Live in Shenzen, Shanghai & Taipei   Day & Taxi
Live in Shenzen, Shanghai and Taipei

percaso [LP] 2005
«Innovativer Spieltrieb und technisches Handwerk in Symbiose.»
Anke Kathrin Bonner, LP
Timelines   Jason Kahn

Cut 2005
«A big, bubbling cauldron of sound... Do yourself a favor.»
Michael Schaumann, Bagatellen
News From The Royal Alpine Music Factory Stefan Heckel Group
News from the Royal Alpine Music Factory

Extraplatte 2004
«Man verspürt den Spirit eines Live-Konzertes...»
tHo, Jazzzeit
Earwash   Sudden Infant

SSSM 2003
«This is quite an original work of noise.»
Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly
Qatara Co Streiff Sextet

Intakt Records 2002
«One of this year's best and most unexpected of treasures.»
Bruce Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
Horch Stefan Heckel Group

Extraplatte 1999
«Mit dieser Aufnahme ist dem Quartett ein Meisterwerk gelungen.»
Fuchigami to Funato Fuchigami to Funato
Live In Europe 2007-2013

Yoshida House
«Lovely duo teaming up with some old and new friends.»
Captain Boomerang
Maya Turbo Maya Turbo

«Stacheldraht mit Samtbezug.»
Peer Seemann Peer Seemann

Peersound 2009
«...reist an zehn Orte zwischen Nordsee und Mittelmeer.»
Ueli Bernays, NZZ
Dropp Ensemble Dropp Ensemble

either/OAR 2009
«On a par with a well written string quartet. So good.»
Richard Pinnell, The Watchful Ear
Kurai Kurai

AltrOck 2009
«Kurai's debut release is a fantastic, enriching musical experience.»
Avi Shaked, Maelstrom
Dead Peni Dead Peni

Blossoming Noise 2009
«Total buzzing black doom industrial noise nirvana.»
Aquarius Records
Hot Days Dietrich Eichmann Ensemble
Hot Days

Leo Records 2007
«This lot injects uncanny elements of soul.»
Glenn Astarita, All About Jazz
Feenfeld Die Welttraumforscher

Secret Wonder Records 2006
«Lyrisch und lakonisch leise...»
Kip Eulenmeister
mainstream The International Nothing

ftarri 2006
«It's a proud example or the new Berlin music.»
Clive Bell, The Wire
Vita Chiara Peer Seemann
Vita Chiara

peersound 2005
«Elettrocanzoni. Chanson-Traditionen und Bossa-Lounge-Sound.»
Jens Wollweber, Tonspion
white loops Linako's Lovely Loops
white loops

Linakorecords 2005
«Musikalische Ready-mades feat. Peter Kowald.»