Signalt to Noise Vol. 2 Korber-Weber-Yamauchi
Signal to Noise Vol. 2

For4Ears 1864

Tomas Korber guitar, electronics
Christian Weber double bass
Katsura Yamauchi saxophone
1) (19.11) listen
2) (15.59)

Recorded at YCAM Yamaguchi, March 7, 2006
by Takayuki Ito

Mixed and Mastered by Tomas Korber

Artwork by Günter Müller


Paris Transatlantic - Dan Warburton
Bagatellen - Brian Olewnick
Kathodik - Marco Carcasi
Improjazz - Guillaume Tarche
Blow Up - Massimiliano Busti
The Wire - John Dale
Touching Extremes - Massimo Ricci
Quiet Noise - Tobias Bolt